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Hi Folks!

My name is Muriel Choi. I am a junior undergraduate student at Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Motion Media Design. 


I was born and have raised in South Korea. However, I challenged the US  university to learn motion design from more a subdivided major and good professors rather than Korea. This made it possible to learn about various and new cultures and eliminate the fear of meeting and getting to know new people. In addition, this inspired the concept of the work.

All About Me

I am currently working as a member of Ourtown Gallery. This is a club that displays works by motion designers who want to promote themselves to people at cafes. We answer questions about work methods and styles that people usually wonder about through the interview. I also answer them about motion design work methods and education in the US that they are curious about. Especially, exhibiting at cafes is easier to reach people and I have an opportunity to promote myself through QR codes. Through this club activity, I was able to know the way and system of working as a group.


In addition, I won the Excellence Award in an advertisement contest held by a Korean broadcaster. Through this contest, I constantly communicated with the company I chose about their projects carried out and what they want to advertise to consumers, and what messages they want to deliver through advertisement. Since it is a gene-related company, I studied and investigated the field, and analyzed the market. Through this, I experienced the process of advertising and communication with clients.


Besides collaborative experience, I was working on a group project. The styles my teammates and I wanted to do were similar, but there were definitely differences in our own styles. But, we completed the perfect style frames based on the style of the team member we chose. Through this project, I learned how to create one style as a group and knew that I have the ability to quickly absorb another style.

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