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Logo Motion Graphic Design

     For this project, I explored the various types of transitions and designed the logo resolve for a brand I chose. My logo resolve was designed and animated to support the brand’s promise, personality, and associations.

Motion Design by. Muriel Choi
Sound by. JunHyun Bae   View Website

First of all, I researched the DreamWorks brand.

About DreamWorks


   DreamWorks tells stories about dreams and the journeys its unconventional heroes take to make them come true. DreamWorks' original stories engage audiences across multiple generations with hilarious characters, genuine emotion, and bold new worlds. Striving for the highest quality animation and the best storytelling imaginable, DreamWorks has delivered innovative films and television series encouraging us all to imagine something different.

1. Research

Current Logo

     The color palette got elevated in 2016. Blue gained a darker shade, which contrasted with white stronger and brighter. As for the graphical part of the company’s logo, it was also changed — now the image of the boy sitting on the moon is drawn in white and placed on a solid blue background, which has a circle shape. The logotype remained almost untouched but got all additional tag lines and elements removed, looking cleaner and more modern.

2. Concept

     I focused on the brand’s values - dreams and journeys. In addition, for the overall design mood, use the logo's characteristics, silhouettes, and color.

     A boy walks into a mysterious place covered with clouds and water. The lights follow him. (Journeys) Sitting on the crescent moon. Swing the fishing rod to lift DreamWorks underwater. The surrounding stars and planets with different colors represent the emotions DreamWorks conveys to various generations in stories.






3. Story Board
4. Rotoscoping
5. Style Frames
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