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Motion Design by. Muriel Choi

If there isn't something new about it, I don't consider it Juun.J"
Jung Wook-Jun (2015)

Juun.J: Where Classics Meet Modern

3D Branding Motion Graphics

Where Classics Meet Modern

The core essence of Juun.J's identity unfolds in an enchanting visual journey that celebrates the brand's relentless pursuit of style and aesthetics. Through captivating black-and-white imagery, the focus lies on illuminating Juun.J's extraordinary talent for reimagining classics within a contemporary framework. This creative endeavor beautifully captures the harmonious interplay between timeless elements and cutting-edge design, encapsulating the very soul of Juun.J's aesthetic vision. The aim is to communicate the brand's philosophy of discovering novelty and exhilaration in the reinterpretation of enduring fashion pieces.

This video seamlessly integrates multiple elements from Juun.J's fashion film collection, offering a compelling glimpse into the brand's distinctive aesthetic. By adopting a black-and-white color palette, the video stays true to Juun.J's signature style.


I tried seamlessly integrating various elements of Juun.J's fashion film, offering a compelling display of the brand's prowess in creating modernity rooted in classic foundations.

As shards of rock fracture, they symbolize the birth of a fresh identity—a modern expression derived from timeless elements. I present a fusion of classic foundation and modernity by utilizing classical sculptures.

Furthermore, the video artfully employs the concepts of point, line, and plane to construct modern tableaus with fundamental elements at their core. The collaborations between Juun.J and Samsung evoke a sense of tension and embody the essence of the dot element. Meanwhile, Juun.J's strategic implementation of strap elements and the evocative presence of stairs within the fashion film represents the embodiment of the line element. Finally, the video showcases Juun.J's distinctive use of voluminous fabrics, exemplifying the plane element in all its grandeur.



Juun.J is a South Korean fashion brand founded by Jung Wook Jun in 1999. The brand is known for its avant-garde and minimalist designs, which often incorporate oversized silhouettes and unconventional proportions. Juun.J gained international recognition for its unique take on menswear and has since expanded to include womenswear in its collections. The brand has presented its collections at major fashion weeks, including Paris Fashion Week, and has collaborated with notable brands and artists such as Adidas, Reebok, and Ambush. Juun.J continues to be celebrated for its innovative and boundary-pushing approach to fashion.


Juun.J Collection Show

Youtube channel

Juun.J Collaboration with Samsung

Youtube channel


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