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Interactive Design by. Jinkyu Kang
Motion Design & 3D Modeling by. Muriel Choi
Architectural Design by. Blair Jin
Graphic Design by. Seungwhan Sun

Still Working!

1. Exhibition Space Video

2. Outdoor Advertising

3. Poster and Ticket Design

Louis Vuitton : Art of Travel

Interactive Exhibition

 Journey of Self-Discovery: Refining Identity Through Uncertainty

When faced with uncertain situations, we become anxious because we fear we won't be able to overcome them. The belief that things are insurmountable spreads as self-doubt, making it hard to trust ourselves.

With only silhouettes remaining, we start a journey to refine our form by overturning walls. The definition of this journey encompasses not just the physical act of venturing to different cities but also the mental voyage of connecting with others and sharing experiences.

Encountering things different from our original selves, learning and embracing the new, we gradually sculpt our identity into something more definite. This is the essence of the journey we perceive.


Louis Vuitton's philosophy of the "Art of Travel" revolves around the brand's perspective on travel. Louis Vuitton is a renowned French fashion brand that specializes in crafting and selling luxury leather goods and accessories.

Since its inception, Louis Vuitton has been known for designing and producing travel bags and trunks, symbolizing both luxury and practicality. The "Art of Travel" concept is rooted in this travel philosophy, considering travel as an art and emphasizing the importance of encountering new experiences and cultures through journeys.

Louis Vuitton views travel not merely as a means of transportation but as an opportunity for self-discovery and cultural exchange. Therefore, the brand advocates for making travel a more enriching and meaningful experience. This philosophy has influenced the brand's products, marketing, and communication efforts, emphasizing the luxury travel experience.

The "Art of Travel" philosophy is integrated into Louis Vuitton's lifestyle and product design, underscoring the passion and exploration associated with travel. It stands as one of the brand's significant philosophies, emphasizing the brand's dedication to enhancing the travel experience with enthusiasm and curiosity.


Space 1: Start to Pack

In the tranquil embrace of a sun-drenched garden, a symbolic haven of serenity takes shape. Here, individuals engage in preparations for their forthcoming journeys. As suitcases are carefully packed, and personal belongings find their place, a transformative journey of self-discovery unfolds. Just as the garden evolves under the nurturing sun, travelers begin their quest to rediscover their essence as they embark on their voyage.

Space 3: Exploring Connections Through Travel

The concept revolves around a space designed to facilitate interactions and connections among travelers. It serves as a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to engage in meaningful exchanges, getting to know each other on a deeper level during their journeys.

Space 2: Tunnel of Togetherness

In this concept, the idea revolves around traversing a tunnel together with others. The tunnel represents a metaphorical journey, symbolizing shared experiences and challenges. Outside the tunnel, in the space beyond, lies the realm where others perceive and observe you. This concept explores the dynamic between personal experience within the tunnel and the external perspective that others hold beyond its confines.

Space 4: Me

Space 4 shows the end of the transformative journey of self-discovery through travel. It captures the idea that embarking on a journey allows us to delve deep within ourselves, uncover our authentic identity, and gain a profound understanding of who we truly are. Ultimately, we found our true essence through travel.



We are still improving space design based on the space concept.

Architectural Design by. Blair Jin

SPACE 1: Start to Pack

Space 1 greets visitors with a sunken design resembling a mood board. At the entrance of the ground-level stairs, exhibition tickets are checked. Upon ticket check via a machine, visitors' phones display a personalized poster page, allowing them to create their visual journey through the exhibition.

Descending the stairs leads to a field of grass upon which Louis Vuitton suitcases are placed. The suitcases come in varying sizes, some even as seating. At night, the area is illuminated, creating a mesmerizing ambiance.

A glimpse of Space 2 is visible through glass windows. Before moving on to Space 2, visitors receive a Space 1 stamp from the machine. They can choose specific objects and arrange them on their phones before going to Space 2.

SPACE 2: Tunnel of Togetherness

In Space 2, there are two tunnels. Through the tunnels, observers outside can see you walking within, creating a dynamic interaction between those inside and outside the tunnel. The outer walls of the tunnels display interactive videos using AI technology. People walking inside the tunnels are depicted in an abstract.

Within the tunnels, LED lights featuring Louis Vuitton symbols illuminate the space. The ceiling consists of mirrors, allowing people within the tunnel to catch glimpses of their own reflections.

Ambient lighting on the floor emits a soft glow, resembling a futuristic element and an airport runway.


Interactive Design by. Jinkyu Kang

SPACE 3: Exploring Connections Through Travel

Space 3 is shaped like a pantheon. At the heart of Space 3, a rectangular pillar is adorned with screens on its exterior. These screens come alive with dynamic line elements that elegantly entwine and respond to the fluid motions of individuals. When people draw near, these elements seamlessly merge, symbolizing connections. Moreover, the screens showcase floating Louis Vuitton symbols.

The floor hosts interactive visuals that adapt to the contours of people's footsteps. These visuals create a mesmerizing ripple effect, responding to each movement with a graceful shimmer.

Suspended from the ceiling, ambient lighting forms circular arrangements, evoking the impression of light filtering through ethereal apertures.


Adorning the wall are long, carved grooves housing ambient lighting. Before these grooves, glass tiles bear intricately etched Louis Vuitton symbols.


Interactive Design by. Jinkyu Kang


In Space 4, you'll find yourself situated on the ground, surrounded by a grand screen. Each individual screen on phones showcases a collective poster where you meld the elements gathered from each space. The phrase "combine the elements, then swipe to the grand screen" is on your phone. Each element, adorned with varying colors and shapes, combines to construct a unified sphere.

With a sliding gesture on your phone, your sphere integrates into the grand screen. It would be a part of a particle in a fluid video. Also, the iconic Louis Vuitton logo is at its center on the grand screen.

The walls of Space 4 feature transparent glass, offering an engaging view even from the exterior of the building. As you look upward, mirrors grace the ceiling, creating a captivating interplay of reflections.

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