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Motion Design by. Muriel Choi
Sound by. JunHyun Bae   
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Run To You

2D Illustrative Motion Graphics

The myth of Destiny's Red Thread is a prevalent belief across East Asia, rooted in an ancient Chinese tale that intertwines individuals, primarily connecting men and women. This folklore has found significant resonance in Japan, where it often manifests as crimson threads intricately woven around the little finger.


Building upon this notion, 'Run To You' illustrates the protagonist's encounter with a woman entwined within the crimson threads of their fate. However, the ultimate outcome reveals this connection to be a mere mirage. The video ingeniously portrays this duality by juxtaposing imagery at the outset and culmination, serving as delineations between reality and reverie. These visual elements effectively bridge the chasm from reality to illusion, weaving a seamless narrative.



Surrealism spread around the world in the early 1920s, mainly in France. After World War I, Surrealism developed the art form-destruction movement of Dadaism and sought to innovate expression by exploring the world of unreasonable subconsciousness and dreams. It expresses human unconsciousness.




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