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The Black Canvas

Illustrative Motion Graphic Design

Motion Design by. Muriel Choi

1. Scripts

My dear Theo,

     When you face a blank canvas staring at a person like a fool, you must draw something on it. Staring at the blank canvas, it seems to tell the painter, "You can't do anything." Many painters are afraid of the blank canvas, but the blank canvas is afraid of the truly passionate painters dares – and who has once broken the spell of "You can't." Life itself likewise always turns towards one an infinitely meaningless, discouraging, dispiriting blank side on which there is nothing, any more than on a blank canvas. No matter how empty and insignificant life may seem, no matter how meaningless it may seem, a person with conviction, strength, and passion will not be defeated easily because he knows the truth. He stands up to the challenge, works, and moves forward. In short, he moves forward in defiance.

Yours truly,


2. Concept

      The letters to Theo van Gogh show a deep understanding of Vincent van Gogh's attitude toward life and his thoughts on literature and art. In a letter to his brother in 1884, he says most people feel afraid when they face a blank canvas. But, it is said that the person who breaks the “you can’t” delivered by the blank canvas moves forward without being defeated by such a canvas-like life. He tells his brother, but maybe Vincent wants to say it to himself and us.

3. Story Board
4. Rotoscoping
Left V.gif
Right V.gif
p 1.gif
p 2.gif
p 3.gif
p 4.gif
p 5.gif
1 finger.gif
2 finger.gif
vangogh gif.gif
5. Style Frames
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 1.58.48.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 1.58.55.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 1.58.34.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 1.59.01.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 1.59.15.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 1.59.21.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 1.59.28.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 1.59.40.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 1.59.47.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 1.59.53.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 2.00.00.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 2.00.09.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 2.00.18.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 2.00.25.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 2.00.32.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 2.00.40.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 2.00.53.png
스크린샷 2022-02-08 오후 2.00.59.png
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